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Quality of Life
Partnership with Cincinnati City Council
Partnership with Cincinnati Police - Crime Prevention
Partnership with Other City Departments
Partnership in Community Development - College Hill 5K Rhythm Race
Partnership with College Hill Schools
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Partnership with Other Neighborhoods
Community Watchdog

Quality of Life:  The Forum’s Quality of Life Team initiated an award-winning project to improve blighted properties, reduce litter and crime, and encourage housing code enforcement in our neighborhood.  Working with the Building and Inspections Department of the City of Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Police Department and other City departments, the Quality of Life Team has made great progress in improving the health, safety and livability of the College Hill community through education about and compliance with standards as set forth by the City of Cincinnati’s ordinances.  The QOL Project has been recognized by the City of Cincinnati and Keep Cincinnati Beautiful as a role model for other neighborhoods. 

Partnership with Cincinnati City Council:  Members of the Forum communicate regularly with the Mayor and members of Cincinnati City Council to inform them of our most important issues, needs and concerns.   By working with other College Hill organizations toward common goals, our community has been successful in securing Council support and City funding for numerous College Hill projects, including Streetscape, and the Gateway Project. 

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Partnership with Cincinnati Police - Crime Prevention:  Representatives of the Forum have a strong partnership with Cincinnati Police District 5 officers and supervisors, as well as other College Hill organizations, to develop and implement crime prevention and apprehension strategies.  Forum meetings include monthly updates, crime reports and crime prevention advice from District 5 officers.  The Forum is also a member of Friends of the Collaborative Agreement and supporter of our Citizens on Patrol members and Community Problem-Oriented Policing. 

Partnership with Other City Departments:  The Forum has a good working relationship with many Cincinnati City Departments, including the Departments of Planning and Development, Buildings and Inspections, Traffic and Engineering, Public Works and Keep Cincinnati Beautiful.  For example, a highly-effective joint task force was created to address numerous problems with Glenview Avenue.  This ongoing partnership of several City departments, District 5 Police, the Forum and affected residents developed and implemented a multi-pronged approach to reduce speeding, dumping, and litter, install video-cameras, conduct a comprehensive clean-up of the road and hillside, along with a plan to increase the safety of travel on Glenview Avenue with road improvements.   

Partnership in Community Development - College Hill 5K Rhythm Race:  The Forum is a major contributor to the continuing economic development of College Hill through its annual Rhythm Race 5K run/walk and other ongoing events which raise funds to be donated to College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Corp. (CHCURC). 

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Partnership with College Hill Schools:  The Forum has close working relationships with all the principals of our local public schools – College Hill Academy, Pleasant Hill Academy, Aiken College and Careers High School and Aiken University High School – as well as our private school, McAuley High School - to integrate the needs and goals of the schools with those of the community.  The Forum and its members participated in the Cincinnati Public Schools Community Learning Centers project which will recommend ways to make our local school round-the-clock, year-round resources for the entire community.  Representatives from the Forum have spoken at Cincinnati Public School Board meetings to present the community’s views about the future of the public schools in College Hill and our members serve on Local School Decision-Making Committees. 

Partnership with College Hill Organizations and Groups:   As a member of the College Hill Summit – a group of representatives from numerous College Hill organizations, including community groups, schools, churches, businesses, City of Cincinnati, retirement communities, Cincinnati Police, libraries, the Recreation Center, and others – the Forum works with other entities to share information and support efforts to improve the neighborhood.   The Forum has a long-standing record of supporting and co-sponsoring events with many community groups, including the College Hill Business Association, the College Hill Gardeners, the College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation, Arts Revival in College Hill, the College Hill Recreation Center and others. 

Partnership with Other Neighborhoods:   The Forum works with leaders of sister neighborhoods to share information, ideas and success stories, address common problems and issues, and support shared goals.   

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Community WatchdogThe Forum continually monitors and reports proposed developments, zoning issues and development plans to the membership so residents and business owners can evaluate developments that may impact our community. 

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